Key Cutting & Duplication in Denver, CO

Do you need multiple keys, but only have one copy? At Dire’s Lock and Key, we’ll make a duplicate of almost every kind of key you have. Our specialists in Denver expertly perform key cutting so you can get the access you need without worrying if you have the right key. Regardless of what you’re using your keys for, we can craft it reliably. Because the keys you use are essential, we offer first-rate key duplication in Denver. Call us whenever you need a key copied to get the service you need from our company.

World-Class Denver Key Duplication

Locks are made up of pins that need to be in specific spots in order the release the barrel. Grooved within every key is a pattern made of teeth, divots, and indentations that open a specific lock. During key cutting in Denver, we match the pattern of your key exactly, providing you with multiple copies to the same lock. It doesn’t matter if the lock is new or old, we can make a perfect duplicate that allows you to access the lock just as easily as the original key.

Expert Key Cutting in Denver

Whether it’s for a house, office, mailbox, or something else, our Denver locksmiths can cut a brand new key so you have access when you need it. We offer professional key duplication based off of a number of original patterns for your convenience. Never worry again about losing keys or having enough copies when you stop by our local shop in Denver. We’ll take care of you and create the perfect match to the keys you bring in for duplication.

Denver’s Premier Team of Locksmiths

We’ve been duplicating keys around Denver since 1944. That’s more than 70 years of experience you can count on when you seek key cutting services from our team of trained and trusted locksmiths. We have special machines for your key duplication that you won’t find with other locksmiths in the Denver area. Come by our physical storefront in Denver to browse our large selection of key blanks and get the extra set of keys you need.

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Dire’s Lock and Key have been a family owned and operated business for more than 70 years, providing the Denver area with expert lock services since 1944. The staff at Dire’s Lock and Key is friendly and professional. Our team provides safe work, cutting, and builders hardware, such as door-openers and locks. Our crew also sells and installs keyless-entry systems and master-key systems. If you need the services of an expert locksmith in Denver, contact Dire’s Lock and Key for a free service estimate.

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